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The Creators

Christopher Turner

Self Published Author

Christopher was born and bred in Portsmouth, on the South Coast of England. Before moving to London, where he started a career in the events industry and met his wife Jasmine. He currently lives in Church Lawton, Cheshire with his wife Jasmine, daughter Ruby and son William.             This is Christopher’s debut book, which came about from telling the story to his daughter at bedtime. After several nights of telling the same story and Ruby enjoying more and more, he decided to write it down.



From two entrepreneurs named William Fuenmayor and Victoria Olivares, both with very technical and artistic qualities since they were born in 1992 and 1993 respectively, a great alliance was conceived from scratch in Venezuela's garden city, Maracay.             

Their paths crossed in 2011 when they started a solid friendship, which led to a loving relationship and then climbed to professional levels putting all their skills, creativity and life together to lead what today is Multitaskers, a creative agency focused on branding and illustration that not only provides design services, but also incredible experiences within the visual arts.



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