Sasha Ramanathan

Fab book! Great story for kids and the illustrations are amazing! We have the book in a children's nursery and it goes down really well during story time!

Lawrence Thomason

What a fantastic book! Sat down for bedtime stories with my 7 and 3 year old and they loved it! Again daddy was the request, time and time again 😃 It’s a fun book that has now appeared for story time on 3 consecutive nights. The way it rhymes and flows is great fun to read too. The look and feel of the quality of the book is fantastic my kids even commented on how nice it smelt, the simple things hey! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

Kevin Watts

I have just bought and read this book for my grandsons birthday. I don’t think he will get bored of this story, fun and well illustrated.
Great job 👍

Craig Robinson

Bought this for both my children, aged 4 & 6 for bedtime. Both love it and now my 6yr old reads it to our 4yr old!!

Great book.

Martine Watker

Brilliant book! My daughter is three and she loves the illustrations and is now asking a lot of questions about the North and South poles! It’s a perfectly timed bedtime read for the littl’ens!

Rach Thomason

Since purchasing this book, our two children aged 3 and 7 have asked for it at bedtime EVERY night! It is definitely their favourite book, which is unusual as they usually get bored quite quickly, but no chance with this!!
The storyline is educational and fun at the same time and our 7 year old is going to take it into school once they are re-open.
Gorgeous illustrations that’s make the storytelling come to life.

Dan Horton

Great work Chris! Amelia loves the book!”

Amanda Benachour

I can highly recommend the book, my 8 year old absolutely loves it!!!